# Upgrade market v1 to market v2


Before upgrading, please make sure that there are no deals in the state of Publish, Publishing or StorageDealAwaitingPreCommit.

Stop venus-market process.

# grep [PID] of venus-market process
$ ps -ef | grep market
root   6704  2.3  0.0 2361236 43148 pts/2   Sl   17:33   0:18 ./venus-market run

$ kill -9 [PID]

Backup venus-market repo. Default path is ~/.venusmarket.

$ cp -a ~/.venusmarket ~/.venusmarket-bak

(Optional) Export v1 data


As v1 meta data structure depreciates, in order to view deals sealed using v1, an export tools could be built to export v1 data and import data into v2.


Build export tool.

git clone https://github.com/filecoin-project/venus-market.git
git checkout feat/export_v1_data

make deps
cd cli/market_export
go build


Export v1 data.

$ ./market_export --repo <VENUS_MARKET_REPO> export <EXPORT_DATA_FILE_PATH>

Build and init market v2 (2.0.0-rc2 or higher). Please refer to market v2 document for more details.

(Optional) Lastly import v1 data to market v2.

$ ./market_export --repo <VENUS_MARKET_REPO> migrate import_v1 <EXPORT_DATA_FILE_PATH>
Last Updated: 11/28/2023, 2:11:57 AM