# What is Droplet?

droplet is the product within a Venus storage system to handle deal-making and data retrieval. It grants storage providers a seamless deal-taking experience while allowing maximum flexibility.

# Features

# Multi minerID support

One of the most distinct features that droplet has is that the support of storage deal and retrieval functionalities for multiple minerIDs, saving both capEx and opEx to support your sroage providing business.

# Multiple data transfer protocol support

The transfer of deal data from the chain service to storage provider will not only support graphsync, OSS but also other popular data transfer protocols like HTTP.

# Light weight storage client

droplet comes with a light weight client that can be used to make storage deals without the need of deploying a fully synced local node. A storage client can go on making storage deals once the client software connects to a Venus Sophon service.

# Compatibility with other implementation

As a storage provider using Venus storage system, you will enjoy complete Compatibility with other implementations, which means you have the flexibility to take deals from other storage clients or deal distribution system too.

# Developer friendly

APIs and SDKs will be opened up to allow storage providers with programming background to further customize their deal-taking workflow.

Last Updated: 11/28/2023, 2:11:57 AM